Sunday, April 19, 2009

V/A - "Skamikaze!"

Much to my chagrin, information on this album isn't terribly available. This is a Japanese ska compilation heavy on beer and distortion. The sound ranges from third wave pop to channeling FEAR's "New York's Alright." It's mostly in English with a couple of exceptions. As a connoisseur of both compilations and foreign ska music, this makes me indescribably happy. Skamikaze is twenty-one tracks of the Japanese teaching us stupid Gaijin that ska's not dead. This is probably the most punk-accessible thing I've posted so far, so enjoy it. Pardon me for the brief description, but it's very simply a kickass foreign ska comp that'll make you want to pick it up, even if you don't speak Japanese. (Sidenote: Don't confuse this with the California band that totally ripped this title off)

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01."Theme Of Skamikaze" - Zero-Fighters
02."Smash The Reality" - Almighty Bomb Jack
03."Niji-Rainbow" - Joyride
04."Boxer" - Tijuana Brooks
05."Panic" - Good Days Slowly
06."All The Time" - Flag Ship
07."Bob" - Sk@y Mates
08."Beer Song" - Tomato Jelly
09."Action" - Rollings
10."Jump To The Sky" - The Rude Pressures
11."Wa-Kyoku" - Doberman
12."Opening Out" - Adamoste Kings
13."Us" - Cream Cheese Cookie
14."Killer Mayim" - Triple Slott
15."Thu Hu" - Ska-Vibrators
16."Letter" - Yum Yum Orange
17."All You Need Is Ska" - Arts
18."Atalimae" - KSD
19."2nd Roots" - Head Slider
20."Sheep Train" - La Skals
21."Betty" - The Mice Teeth

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