Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Angelo Moore is Dr. Madd Vibe presents "The Yin Yang Thang"

For those familiar with Fishbone, Angelo Moore's voice should be unmistakable! I scored this album when I saw Fishbone two Octobers ago at the Rialto Theatre here in Tucson. In case you're wondering, Angelo is a really sweet guy and even gave me a copy of his comic book gift-pack free. Released in 2000 on Mike Park's Asian Man Records, this album is part hip-hop, part rap, part funk, part beat poetry, and part stoned rambling from Mr. Moore's ridiculous alter-ego. I'll be honest, this one may not be for everyone, but if you're crazy enough to listen to Fishbone, you're crazy enough to listen to this.

91.5MB ZIP file
Click Here to purchase from Asian Man Records

01.Swing Low
04.Optimistic Yes
05.Optimistic NO
06.Emotional Man
07.The Desired Undesirable
08.Last Days
09.Too Much Information
10.Swing Low(accappella)
11.Untitled (REISSUE)
12.Untitled (REISSUE)

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  1. Excellent choice for a first post!
    I look forward to all your posts with baited breath. Yucky worms...