Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - "In Glorious Times"

Part metal, part avant-garde artrock, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is fairly unclassifiable as a band. They've got handmade instruments, a steampunkesque faux history, about thirty side projects, and they're WAY better than the Dresden Dolls could ever be! Think orchestral Mr. Bungle, throw in a spatula player for good measure, and you've got the weird-ass arrangements of SGM. This is the most recent album, released on (or course) The End Records. Please don't let them being labelmates with Dir En Grey disappoint you, they've got nothing else in common!!! (Sidenote: This was ganked from my boyfriend, who has probably the weirdest musical taste of anyone I've ever known!)

122.4MB ZIP file
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01.The Companions
02.Helpless Corpses Enactment
03.Puppet Show
05.Angle of Repose
07.The Salt Crown
08.The Only Dance
09.The Greenless Wreath
10.The Widening Eye
11.The Putrid Refrain

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