Wednesday, July 15, 2009

XWALRUSX/Important Documents - "Bananarchy 2010/Law & Ordercore" 10"

XWALRUSX is one of Tucson's only straight edge powerviolence bands, maybe the only one? Important Documents are their thrashing friends from Humboldt, CA who apparently really love bananas. This is a limited-edition 10" translucent red vinyl released on Bonecutter/Goin' Ape Shit Records (both outta my hometown). The XWALRUSX side is undoubtedly better-polished, heavier, and more familiar to locals. The Important Documents side is fast, sloppy, and possesses a sound that I wouldn't mind hearing on a weekly basis. Number one reason this is posted here: Walrus are my friends and they play at Dry River all the time. This record is fast, heavy, and feels very personal. Track listings will be up later, but the files do have ID3 tags, which means you shouldn't need them.

22.95MB ZIP file
Click Here to purchase from Toxic Ranch

P.S. Look out for a guest post by my friend Joaquin within the next couple of days! I'm sick with the flu and he's kind enough to write a post or two.