Friday, July 10, 2009

Fishbone - "Truth and Soul"

I really love this album. There's not much else to say. Part funk, part ska, part new wave, part punk, part hair metal (yes), and part comedy. Fishbone is awesome, but an acquired taste. I got this on cassette a few years ago from the aforementioned neighbor. It's like a Sublime made of real, live black people! (I hope that didn't sound racist, I'm just not down with whiteboy reggae.) Fishbone are an amazing band and I was lucky enough to see them a few Halloweens ago. If there's a band that you should listen to while dressed as Tank Girl and being the only minor in a crowd of too-friendly drunk old men and University students, Fishbone is probably it. Their shows don't turn out a lot of people, but this album contains their two huge singles "Ma and Pa" and "Freddie's Dead." This is a great starter for a really esoteric, underrated band.

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01.Freddie's Dead
02.Ma and Pa
03.Mighty Long Way
04.Pouring Rain
05.Deep Inside
06.Question of Life
07.I Like to Hide Behind My Glasses
08.Bonin' in the Boneyard
09.One Day
10.Subliminal Fascism
11.Slow Bus Movin' (Howard Beach Party)
12.In The Name of Swing
13.Ghetto Soundwave


  1. fishbone is always awesome for their punkish tune, or tracks that cooperates with metal tunes.

    in this case, their best are: punk metal "deep inside" and "subliminal facism"...

    is anyone knows any punk/metal track compilation of fishbone out there?

  2. I passed up this LP a few years ago in used record shop along with some other early Fishbone 12" releases. I hate myself for it. I did finally get a cassette copy a couple months ago.

    i think turn out depends on who is playing with them. I recently saw them open for Slightly Stoopid(who i hate) and the place was 520 person capacity. The had sold out the week before, and people were being turned away all night long. Unfortunately there weren't many dyed in the wool Fishbone fans and Fishbone played a way too laid back set and closed out with "Date Rape" as opposed to a Fishbone song. It was rather disappointing after having seen videos from their old shows with Angelo moving 90mph around and off the stage like a pinball. such are the times i guess.