Monday, May 4, 2009


Yeah, I know. No posts in over ten days? I'm an asshole, because this isn't even a music post. It's an AGENDA.

A] I'll print/ship patches to anywhere in the US for $1(or less) each and anywhere else for $2(or less) each. I need money and I have an excess of time and printing supplies. I have an album of my printwork and am always up for a challenge! No, these are not embroidered patches, they are screen-printed lovingly by hand. <333

B] Over the next month or so, I'm assembling a zine called 'Pink Bits.' It's going to have submissions from all over the country and a couple from the UK. If you've got artwork, poetry, short stories, album reviews, anything, just send them to me and I'll make sure they get included. Although there is no definitive topic for the collection, I'd like if a certain percentage were about human/woman/animal/immigrant rights. I also need a LOT more art, so feel free to draw something fucking stupid as Hell. Submissions are due no later than the end of May. All contributors get ten free copies of the zine with card stock covers and inserts. If you wanna get involved, shoot me a message HERE and I'll give you contact info. Oh, and if the cover offends you, don't bother!

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